Transform your data into actionable insights with SmiForce Analytics!

Start analyzing your data with SmiForce's ONE data analytics platform. We automatically ingest your data, bring advanced analyses, provide in-depth insights, and show dynamic visualizations for your enterprise. 

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What does SmiForce provide to your enterprise?

In today's data-centric environment, start turning your data into action and start analyzing your organization with SmiForce’s Big Data platform. Our platform empowers users with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface to leverage the full spectrum of their data, without requiring any additional hardware, software, or infrastructure.

"ONE platform to monitor & analyze your entire enterprise with Big Data, AI, and ML technologies!"

Whether you are analyzing a small, medium, or large dataset, SmiForce brings 30+ years of unparalleled data analytic experience to help develop insights to grow and protect your enterprise!


Utilizing SmiForce's Big Data platform, we will provide a simple setup, advanced analytics, and powerful insights within minutes of working with our team of data analytic experts.

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How can SmiForce's analytics help your business?


Save Time

Improve Efficiency

Boost Profits

Reduce your time to act on Business opportunities and mitigate Technology risks with SmiForce's easy to use UI 

Improve your time to proactively respond to Business opportunities and Technology risks with SmiForce's Advance Alerting

Start detecting Business opportunities and Technology risks faster with SmiForce's AI, Machine Learning, & Predictive Analytics


360  View

Gain a single-pane view of your entire enterprise opportunities & risks with SmiForce's premier Big Data Analytics solution


Dynamic GUI

Visualize all of your enterprise data insights with dynamic graphs, charts, KPIs, metrics, and dashboards


Data Correlation

Correlate all of your data sources to identify the root causes of any insights within your entire enterprise

Over 1000+ analytical insights that are ready to deploy to your enterprise!

With SmiForce's advanced data analytic techniques our team has created over 1000+ analytical modules for your team to utilize. Whether you need technology insights, business insights, or even a custom data analysis, SmiForce can bring that to your team with ease and simplicity.

Through our Big Data, AI, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics, our team of experts will bring your team a full suite SaaS solution to help turn your data into action.

"A single-pane view to analyze your entire enterprise and bring you fast & detailed insights!"

It's time your organization had peace of mind and focused on the insights to improve & protect your enterprise!