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Analyze your data with ease and simplicity with SmiForce Analytics!

Create interactive reports with an easy-to-use platform from multiple data sources for a lower price!  

SmiForce's Analytics as a Service is the best solution for you!

In today's data-centric environment, turning your data into insights and analyzing with speed and ease is crucial. With SmiForce’s Data Analytics platform, our users are empowered with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface to take their data, build reports and analyses, and develop insights using the full spectrum of their data, without added costs, resources, or additional software. 

"Better analytics at a lower price to create the reporting your enterprise needs using Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning technologies!"

Whether you are analyzing small, medium, or large amounts of data, SmiForce brings 30+ years of unparalleled data analytic experience to help create the reporting and insights faster & easier than traditional approaches.

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Lower Cost Analytics

Reduce your costs to act on Business opportunities and mitigate Technology risks by using SmiForce's Analytics as a Service.



Faster Report Creation

Build your analytical needs faster by using SmiForce's Analytical Platform. Our service will reduce your project time by 3x.



Single-Pane View

View all your data from multiple data sources through a single-pane view with SmiForce's Analytical Solutions.



Proactive Alerting

Identify real-time Business or IT insights within your enterprise using SmiForce's dynamic alert capabilities.

Ready to use analytical reporting to bring faster insights for your business!

With SmiForce's data analytics platform, our team has created over 1000+ analytical reports ready for your team to utilize. Whether you need technology insights, business insights, security insights, financial insights, or even custom data reporting, SmiForce is ready to help get the reporting & insights your team needs faster and for a lower cost.

Through our Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning architecture, our platform will bring your team a single-pane view of your data analyses to help your team gain the most insights from your data.

"A single-pane view to analyze your entire enterprise and bring you fast & detailed insights!"

It's time your organization had peace of mind creating reports and analyses for your enterprise! 

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