Show us the data and we will bring RESULTS!
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Grow your


Turn your business data into revenue!

Identifying business opportunities through your data is needed to stay agile and competitive in your industry!


With SmiForce's Business Analytics, our team provides you real-time updates and insights on Sales, Financial, and Manufacturing data.

We provide you with a simple setup, no maintenance, and zero infrastructure. Just show us the data. We provide you the insights!

Interested? Sign up for our free assessment and learn within minutes on how your data can give you an edge on your competition!


Identify sales opportunities with real-time data!

Grow sales within your organization by identifying customer trends and product performances.


Improve inventory efficiencies to reduce costs!

Acquire new insights to better manage your inventory processes by analyzing delivery, quality, and production data.


Visualize financial data for strategic decisions!

Understand your financial data by viewing your profits, expenses, and forecasted cash flow with 1 simple tool. 


Analyze your customer's behaviors and trends!

Gain detail insights on your customer's purchasing patterns to better improve your organization's revenue