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SmiForce provides one of the best IT Management Analytic solutions in the market. Our premier solution learns your environment by bringing our next-generation Big Data, AI, Predictive Analytics, and Machine Learning technologies to help monitor 24/7, quickly detect threats or issues, and provide the insights to troubleshoot & mitigate your IT risks and problems in a matter of seconds!  


Our live demo will help you understand how SmiForce can detect cybersecurity threats, server performance issues, application downtime, user behavior risks, process management threats,

network management issues, and SQL database issues 

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  • Unique in the market – providing an all in one tool that can help analyze your entire IT organization

  • Most cost-effective solution– gain lower TCO with pricing that includes Licensing, Maintenance, Software Upgrades, & more

  • No infrastructure needed - no-hassle purchasing additional hardware, software, and other infrastructure with SmiForce

  • Simple setup of the solution-  20-30 sec to install the solution and you are up and running with real-time insights

  • Save on staff resources- quickly allow your team to find and solve their IT problems with SmiForce's next-generation analytics

Turn your data into ACTION!
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