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Create greater insights and improvements for your  school & district with real-time and automated data analytics!

Understanding your students, school, and district insights becomes very beneficial in creating the best environment. With SmiForce, we will be able to analyze your students demographics, performance, behavioral insights, the school business insights, & even the district data too. 


Many schools and districts have the challenge of creating and understanding the insights from their student information systems, learning management systems, & business ERP systems. Using SmiForce’s School Data Analytics, we remove the headaches of needing to create analyses, visualizations, and insights manually. Instead, SmiForce brings a fully automated solution that enhances the insights from your student information & learning management systems.


With our analytic solution, we will help your teachers & administrators understand the school, the district, and the student insights all through a single pane of glass.

SmiForce is able to provide your team with School Data Analytics without the need for additional infrastructure, hardware, or software, thus reducing your TCO. Your team will not have to utilize ETLs, data warehouses, or write scripts & programs to gain insights from your data.

Analyze your student data easily with AI technology

Gain real-time school & district insights to better help your students

Determine performance, behavior, demographic, and more insights

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There is no need to utilize multiple applications to analyze your data. SmiForce's solution aggregates all data from multiple sources, analyzes, and correlates dynamically visually in SmiForce's cloud-based portal.

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Big Data, AI, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning technologies all at the customer's fingertips. SmiForce advanced analytics helps provide detailed insights on how to improve your enterprise.

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Understanding the past to help prevent threats and issues in the future necessary. SmiForce brings learning-based technology to understand the historical environment in order to provide real-time insights.



SmiForce brings speed and results to the organization. Our data analytics provides insights to help identify trends & opportunities within your organization. Our cognitive solution turns data into ACTION!

Learn how SmiForce can help analyze your school data in order to bring you in-depth insights for your district.

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