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Proactively prevent firewall security threats with a comprehensive monitoring and detection solution!

SmiForce's Firewall Analytics reveals a lot of information about the security threats attempting to access the network, and the nature of traffic coming in and going out of the firewall. With real-time insights, SmiForce brings you sound troubleshooting on your firewall through your log data.

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Utilizing the necessary security tools (Firewall and other end-point security devices) in itself will not allow you to proactively secure your network.  The solution is to have the security data from the tools analyzed with next-generation analytics to report and alert important security information to ensure that the network is secured.

SmiForce Firewall Analytics plays an important role in assessing the organizational risks in your environment to bring swift resolution to the issues.

SmiForce is able to provide your team Firewall Analytics without the need for additional infrastructure, hardware, or software. In addition, your team will not have to utilize ETLs, data warehouses, or write scripts & programs.  With SmiForce, start reducing your total cost of ownership for firewall analytics!

Monitor traffic to identify abnormal activity

Optimize firewall to avoid security breaches

Automate firewall security audits  with built-in policy checks

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There is no need to utilize multiple applications to protect your IT devices. SmiForce's solution ingests all data from multiple sources, analyzes it, and brings detailed insights.

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Big Data, AI, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning technologies all at the customer's fingertips. SmiForce IT analytics brings advanced analyses to help provide detailed insights on how to improve the IT environment.

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Understanding the past to help prevent threats and issues in the future is necessary. SmiForce analytics brings AI & ML technology to understand the historical environment in order to provide real-time insights.



SmiForce brings speed and results to the IT organization. The IT Analytics provides insights to help fix threats and issues before it becomes harmful to the environment. Our cognitive solution protects technology.

Learn how SmiForce's Firewall Analytics can help improve your overall network and end-point security.

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