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Determine IoT insights with a comprehensive analytics solution!

SmiForce's IoT Analytics reveals key information about the IoT devices you have implemented and are utilizing. With real-time insights, SmiForce brings you a powerful analytics platform and detailed alerts on all of your IoT devices through our automated analytic platform.


Analyzing data from all your IoT devices can be a cumbersome process. IoT data is highly unstructured which makes it difficult to analyze with traditional analytics that are designed to process structured data.  You may have IoT data coming from 100s to 1000s of different devices that often record fairly high volume of data (such as temperature, motion, sound, emission, pressure, humidity, and more).


The manual processes of ingesting, analyzing, and determining insights require a lot of staff time, cost, and resources. The solution for your organization is to utilize SmiForce's platform that automatically ingests all your IoT data, analyzes with next-generation technology, and brings in-depth insights through dashboards, reports, and proactive alerts.

SmiForce is able to provide your team IoT Analytics without the need for additional infrastructure, hardware, or software. In addition, your team will not have to utilize ETLs, data warehouses, or write scripts & programs.  With SmiForce, start reducing your total cost of ownership for IoT analytics!

Analyze all IoT devices with a single pane platform 

Determine key insights, trends, and anamolies quickly and easily 

Generate IoT alerts with advance reporting & visualizations

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There is no need to utilize multiple applications to protect your IT devices. SmiForce's solution ingests all data from multiple sources, analyzes it, and brings detailed insights.

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Big Data, AI, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning technologies all at the customer's fingertips. SmiForce IT analytics brings advanced analyses to help provide detailed insights on how to improve the IT environment.

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Understanding the past to help prevent threats and issues in the future is necessary. SmiForce analytics brings AI & ML technology to understand the historical environment in order to provide real-time insights.



SmiForce brings speed and results to the IT organization. The IT Analytics provides insights to help fix threats and issues before it becomes harmful to the environment. Our cognitive solution protects technology.

Learn how SmiForce's IoT Analytics can automatically help monitor all of your devices with our powerful data platform.

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