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Monitor, detect, and troubleshoot your IT environment's threats, risks, and issues with our all-in-one tool!

With SmiForce's IT Monitoring Analytics (ITMA) solution, customers can manage their entire IT environment with our premier ALL-IN-ONE solution. Our solution helps IT organizations gain even more insight with one click by bringing your team 6 analyses in 1! 

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Unlike traditional solution tools that come with expensive premiums, SmiForce provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use, and cost-effective IT Monitoring Analytic solution to your team.

With our Big Data, AI, Predictive Analytics, and Machine Learning architecture, your IT teams gain enhanced insights and easy troubleshooting to any cybersecurity threats, server performance issues, application response time, user behaviors, network threats, and SQL database issues all in one platform.

SmiForce is able to provide your team with IT Monitoring Analytics without the need for additional infrastructure, hardware, or software. In addition, your team will not have to utilize ETLs, data warehouses, or write scripts & programs.  With SmiForce, start reducing your total cost of ownership for monitoring and analyzing your IT infrastructure.

One solution that bring customers

better threat detection

Next-generation analytics for 

advanced monitoring of enterprise

Smart Alerting capabilities to bring

easier mitigation of risks & issues

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There is no need to utilize multiple applications to protect your Servers. SmiForce ITPM solution aggregates all data from multiple sources, analyzes, and correlates dynamically visually in SmiForce's cloud-based portal.

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Big Data, AI, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning technologies all at the customer's fingertips. SmiForce IT analytics brings advanced analyses to help provide detailed insights on how to improve the IT environment.

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Understanding the past to help prevent threats and issues in the future is necessary. SmiForce analytics brings AI & ML technology to understand the historical environment in order to provide real-time insights.



SmiForce brings speed and results to the IT organization. The IT Analytics provides insights to help fix threats and issues before it becomes harmful to the environment. Our cognitive solution protects technology.

Learn how SmiForce's next-generation analytics can help you analyze your IT environment to help reduce ITSM incidents! 

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