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The full-suite analytical solution that reveals the all the insights for your organization!
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Thousands of integrations to help automatically 

ingests all types of data from your organization!

SmiForce has created secure integrations between your devices and our Big Data Analytic solution. With 

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AI, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytic engines to compute & correlate your insights!

In today's data-centric environment, start turning your data into action and start analyzing your organization with SmiForce’s Big Data platform. Our platform empowers users with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface to leverage the full spectrum of their data, without requiring any additional hardware, software, or infrastructure.

Whether you are analyzing a small, medium, or large dataset, SmiForce brings 30+ years of unparalleled data analytic experience to help develop insights to grow and protect your enterprise!


Utilizing SmiForce's Big Data platform, we will provide simple setup, advanced analytics, and powerful insights within minutes of working with our team of data analytic experts.

Dynamic visualizations to interact with your data through dashboards, KPIs, metrics, and graphs!

Learn how SmiForce's next-generation analytics can help you analyze your IT environment to help reduce ITSM incidents! 

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