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Defending the Wall: SmiForce's Firewall Log Analytics brings deep insights from Fortinet Firewalls!

Fortinet Firewalls are an important part of any organization's cybersecurity protection. Over time, firewalls have offered a strong first line of defense against an array of threats. They are able to block a lot of junk that would otherwise inundate enterprise networks. The technology continues to be critical in enabling network segmentation and in ensuring critical business and corporate systems are separated. As your first line of defense, IT teams need to make sure that they are managing and monitoring their devices to ensure that their firewall is providing the necessary security protection needed.

For many IT organizations, users do not have the capabilities to automatically analyze the data from their firewall devices to detect security threats within seconds. Teams spend hours and days to better understand the data from their firewalls. However, when IT organizations have the ability to bring in AI and Machine Learning technologies, they are able to save time, resources, and costs in order to gain:

  1. Total visibility to your firewall security

  2. Security compliance risks & vulnerabilities

  3. A clean & optimized firewall performance

For many of our customers, SmiForce Firewall Analytics continues to bring immense security insights. With the easy installation of our cloud-based SaaS solution, SmiForce Firewall Analytics brings IT teams centralized firewall management, security & compliance measurements, and a more clean & optimized firewalls for your teams through our AI and Machine Learning based insights.

Learn more on how SmiForce's Firewall Log Analytics can help become your trusted protection to defend your first line of defense!


About SmiForce Inc:

SmiForce IT Analytic Solutions is a swiss-army knife for many customers. By providing an all-in-one tool, our users are able to gain many analytic modules to monitor, detect, and troubleshoot threats and risks with ease and simplicity. Reach out to our team of experts today to start learning how SmiForce's cloud-based SaaS solution can help you start proactively protecting your IT environment with a single-pane of glass!

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