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Building the best customer service with maximum RESULTS!

Don't you just hate it when you are on "hold" when you call the customer service hotline or technical support? At SmiForce, we are here to fix that problem by providing tools that are fast, reliable, and dedicated to helping your IT staff analyze, understand, and resolve help-desk issues.

Through our many years of research, we have found that there are 6 areas that need detailed attention in order to bring maximum RESULTS for your organization!

1. Measuring staff efficiency on the calls

2. The ability to analyze all the support calls & reduce trouble ticket volume

3. Tracking call history to understand what has been causing the most tickets


4. Eliminating the lack of process in your customer service organization by identifying the training needs

5. Understanding what is working & effective in your environment

6. Creating a 360-degree view of all your technical support mediums

With SmiForce's Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning technologies, managing your Help-Desk will become simple and intuitive. Our analytical solution will monitor your environment 24/7, proactively detect any issues or threats, and help you mitigate risks that reduce your support effectiveness.

In the end, it's all about better customer satisfaction and providing a cost-effective Help-Desk operation; we help you to achieve that! Learn more about our solution today.


Turn your data into ACTION!

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