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Navigating the Pandemic: Managing new IT environments!

To thrive in today's environment means learning how to play a new game. With the staff reductions and resources complexities organizations have seen in their IT environment, many teams are facing new & challenging ways of protecting their infrastructure and applications. Given the lack of overall resources, many IT teams are struggling to react to security, performance, process. user, network, and firewall threats and risks in a proactive manner. IT teams are working countless hours to remedy the situation by placing "band-aids" in areas that will help solve the problem in the short-term. However, teams should not be looking at problems one at a time trying to place the issue on "pause," but instead find the root cause of the problem and solve it completely. The question is, how do we do that with limited resources and time?

SmiForce's IT Performance Management Solution can be the answer to all of your questions above! Our team of experts has spent 30+ years in the IT environment to better understand the day-to-day issues, problems, and nuances that the staff faces. With the knowledge and understanding of complex IT organizations, SmiForce developed an AI, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analytics tool to help monitor your IT environment, detect threats and risks, find the root cause of where the threats are coming from, and finally provide detail insights to your team on troubleshooting the matter.

“I am very pleased with SmiForce’s IT Performance Management Solution. We now have a way to quickly find out what is causing security incidents and have the ability to identify normal and abnormal behavior trends, both immediately and over time."

~SmiForce's Customer, Director of Enterprise Security ~

Its time to start showing your team how they can utilize one-tool that analyzes multiple data sources, identify risks at the source, and dynamically visualize the problems to increase efficiency and reduce staff time to solve problems is needed in your environment today!

Learn more by visiting today.

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