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Securing Data - Protect technology with powerful analytics, deep insights, and proactive results!

Data drives enterprise success. The collection, analyses, and insights of data in your environment are critical to inform new strategies and help companies get ahead. However, protecting your data has now become a critical part of any organization because of the threats from hackers and malware are even greater than it ever has been in the past.

With the improvement in technology, hackers have changed the way they attack data. Now, there are new forms of threats that IT organizations have not encountered before that have created a rise in cyberattacks and data breaches. The increase in data security has made organizations tasked with the job to make sure that all their information is continuously protected 24/7! For many IT organizations, the challenge remains to identify security gaps fast enough to be able to fix them before any threat or risks are able to get through.

With SmiForce's Big Data analytics, we have geared our solution to quickly identify security risks to allow IT organizations to utilize the insights discovered to gain a 360-degree view of any threats that occur across all their infrastructure and technologies. Using our full-suite AI technology, we are able to give teams real-time & historical details on over 40+ security categories, allow teams to dynamically see their environment from multiple viewpoints, and troubleshoot the issue within a matter of minutes.

Learn more about how SmiForce's Cybersecurity Analytics can help create proactive data security throughout your organization!


About SmiForce Inc:

SmiForce IT Analytic Solutions is a swiss-army knife for many customers. By providing an all-in-one tool, our users are able to gain many analytic modules in ONE tool to monitor, detect, and troubleshoot threats and risks with ease and simplicity. Reach out to our team of experts today to start learning how SmiForce's cloud-based SaaS solution can help you start proactively protecting your IT environment with a single pane of glass!

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