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The NEW age of analyzing your servers!

The world today is not the same as it once was. We are learning new ways of living and working. As we keep on learning, our IT teams are seeing that cyber-security criminals are NOT taking a break! During these tough times, we have to be even more vigilant about who’s accessing our servers, what they are trying to do, and what data may be breached!

With the added demand placed on our IT staff, it is critical that organizations are leveraging IT analytic tools to help them quickly understand, analyze, and diagnose any server issues that may be hurting them.

  • How many clicks, dropdowns, and selections does it take to get to the root cause of a sever issue?

  • How many scripts do you have to write in order to find the problem(s)?

  • How much time & resources will it take to solve the issue with your current tool(s)?

With SmiForce you can achieve the 3 questions above within a couple of minutes! SmiForce's IT Performance Management Solution learns your environment by bringing our Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning technologies to help monitor 24/7, quickly detect threats or issues, and provide the insights to troubleshoot & mitigate the problems!

Our premier Server Diagnostic Center helps enable your team to automatically check if there are security, system, application, network, or even process threats that are affecting your organization. SmiForce's complex analyses will scan 5 or 500 servers in minutes and help troubleshoot the errors or threats that have breached your IT environment.

Learn more about our solution today, and start PROTECTING your servers with ease!


Turn your data into ACTION!

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