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Helping our schools by providing SmiForce Education Analytics!

I’m sure your school has been reminded time and time again that it needs to be monitoring its student's performance, demographics of the school, behavior insights, and more.

We certainly don’t need to tell you how important data is to optimizing your district and school. But with a lack of staff and the need to gain insights in real-time, it can be cumbersome to have to continuously try to develop and hone in on data insights from your school.

With the current environment changing every day, SmiForce has a way to help your schools & districts out. With our Education Analytics Solution, we can remove the headaches you have faced or will be facing to take & analyze the data from your student management systems, learning management systems, etc., and now provide a single-pane platform that analyzes your data in real-time!

  • No more programming or training needed to create analyses & visualizations

  • No need for additional infrastructure, ETLs, or databases

  • Reduce your staff's time and increase your ability to focus on the insights

  • Save on cost and increase your ROI in a few months

With our solution, we will help your school easily understand more about its students, their performance, demographics of the school, behavioral insights, and much more. SmiForce works with your team to bring a powerful & cost-effective analytics platform that helps your school identify key trends & opportunities in a fraction of the time compared to other data analytic tools out there!

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