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Grow sales within your organization by identifying customer trends and product performances!

Sales leaders grow their companies by innovating the ways they sell. By leveraging their analytics and knowledge, developing new strategies for selling can create powerful and innovative go-to-market strategies that give their companies tremendous competitive advantages.

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Your sales organization is ever-evolving. Thanks to the increased pace of competition, maintaining exceptional performance is now a continuous process. In order to stay competitive, sales leaders need full visibility into their entire go-to-market strategy, so they can rapidly adjust when necessary.


SmiForce gives sales leaders a single analytical solution to gain real-time insights on their people, processes, a single place to model scenarios, monitor outcomes, and make faster, more informed decisions.

SmiForce is able to provide your team Sales Performance Analytics without the need for additional infrastructure, hardware, or software. In addition, your team will not have to utilize ETLs, data warehouses, or write scripts & programs.  With SmiForce, start reducing your total cost of ownership for sales analytics!

Optimize go-to-market strategy with analytics to maximize sales results.

Gain accurate, dynamic forecasts that improve decision-making

Increase productivity and drive sales outcomes with real-time analytics



There is no need to utilize multiple platforms to analyze your environment. SmiForce Business Analytics 

aggregates all data from multiple sources, analyzes, and dynamically visualizes in SmiForce's portal.

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Big Data, AI, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning technologies all at the customer's fingertips. SmiForce Business Analytics brings advanced analytics to help provide detailed insights on the entire environment.

Analyzing the data


Understanding the current events helps increase opportunities to act on in the future. SmiForce Business Analytics brings learning-based technology to provide real-time insights.

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SmiForce brings speed and results to your organization. Our analytical solution provides insights to help act on innovative opportunities before it becomes too late. Our cognitive solution enhances your organization.

Learn how SmiForce can help empower your go-to-market strategy with an optimized sales analytic solution!

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