Protect your



SmiForce brings next-generation analytics to secure your IT environemnt

Being able to have peace of mind knowing that all your technology infrastructure is working properly and seamlessly is priceless!


With SmiForce's Big Data, AI, Predictive Analytics, and Machine Learning platforms, our team provides you the ability to mitigate threats or risks affecting Security, Applications, Servers, Firewalls, Help-Desk, and Networks.

The setup takes seconds. You don't do any maintenance or up-keep! Start troubleshooting your environment with SmiForce's IT Analytics!


Secure your organization with the best SIEM!

Prevent internal and external security threats, risks, & anomalies using SmiForce's SIEM solution & proactive alerts.


Use RPA to identify application performances!

Monitor your application's performance with SmiForce's RPA process to avoid down-times.


Detect CPU, Memory, and Disk utilization!

Analyze your Server's performance to understand the CPU, Memory, Disk Utilization, and SQL-Database.


Monitor the breaches to create stronger Firewall!

Identify Firewall breaches with SmiForce's Log Management Tool to prevent unwanted access to your Enterprise!


Reduce priority incidents with one simple click!

Manage help-desk efficiencies to reduce the number of priority incidences & trouble tickets your team will face.

MS 365

Optimize your Microsoft 365 applications!

Optimize your Microsoft 365 applications in your Enterprise by analyzing the security and performance data.

Understand your environment in seconds

SmiForce's premier solution understands your environment in a matter of seconds, giving you the ability to learn from the past to improve the future!

Prevent threats and risks in your organization

SmiForce's IT Analytics helps your teams prevent risks and threats in your organization by using next-generation analytics and industry-led expertise! 

Optimize your technology with 1-click

With SmiForce's architecture, your teams will have the ability to easily optimize your environment to be better equipped for future needs!

Turn your data into ACTION!
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